Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Really Asshole?!! Cheap fuckers who ask to be a personal slave via your PAID ads for PAID Domination.

It never ceases to amaze me how someone can peruse hundreds of ads for professional domination with a variety of price ranges and yet get the idea in their tiny little brain that you are willing to see them for free.

You know the type, the ones who call you up and ask you what they can do to please you only to state they are looking to be a personal slave and not pay for your time.  Boys don't. Just don't.

We gals spend alot of time and money to be sure we are in front of the right audience and that audience is one that pays to play.

 I'm not saying never to ask a professional Femdom to become a slave because it does happen however, this does not happen over night nor should you go in with this expectation and you certainly should not look at her ads,website, tribute and professionally done photographs and say you want to be a personal slave.

 In fact, you've basically have just said that her toys, wardrobe, time and expertise is worth zilch.

"Way to go Asshole!"

Don't worry! Now that you see how badly you've fucked up; let's focus now and where to go to find the type of dominatrix you're looking for. There are many type of dominatrices as there are people but, we are going to touch on the umbrella terms used to describe them.

A) Lifestyle- You can be both a lifestyle and a professional dominatrix however, those who describe themselves as lifestyle usually DO NOT charge a tribute advertise their services on advertising venues nor do they usually charge a tribute. Lifestyle dominatrices can be found on websites such as Fetlife and CollarSpace. Those who are active in the BDSM community can be found at a local munch, public dungeon, dungeon parties etc. You will be expected to show the same amount of respect as you do any vanilla woman or more if you value your testicles.

After all, just because she is a dominatrix does not mean that chivalry should die in the midst of your fetish seeking fever. I highly recommend joining your local group on  Fetlife to find these events and play parties. Some local dungeons offer classes and groups for would-be submissive to learn about how to stay safe while still getting your freak on.

B) Professional Dominatrix- These ladies are the ones who some of you keep pissing off with your "offers" of servitude. The Professional Dominatrix is a exactly that a professional who is running a business and that business is BDSM. What is offered here is a pay for play D/s relationship meaning that there is always a tribute which is usually per hour and without sex.

A pleasant way for those who want BDSM as a part of their life without strings attached. Also a great way to experiment in a controlled environment or explore fetishes you are curious about.

This type of dominatrix usually is at the top of her game and has the skill set to cater to many different types of fetishes, has invested time and money into her craft. Some do not play outside of the dungeon and some are very members of the BDSM community as well as teachers or mentors.

The fact that she has gone through the time and effort to do this should always be taken into consideration when you decide to make contact. Her time is money. Appointments with her should be treated with the same respect as your vanilla ones.

If the option for personal servitude is there she will tell you but don't expect it will be offered to just because you contact her and simply ask.  Her submissives  pay to serve her so you "offering" to serve without tribute is an exercise in futility.

 Last, but certainly not least

You may go.

Monday, June 23, 2014

So you wanna play on the darkside? Hmm..............

As some of you know I am a professional dominatrix and for those of you who don't "Hi I'm Alise!" *princess wave*.  Now that the formalities are out of the way listen up. I don't claim to speak for all of the ladies with a whip but it has come to my attention that some of you may not know how to approach a Professional Dominatrix and are left wondering why you can't seem to book a session.

Making that first step can be a little scary and some of you may get really nervous and not know what to say.  Others,  get really nervous and all common sense fly's out of the 'effing  window and end up making some dumbass comment and end up getting hung up on.  Again, I can only speak for myself, however, here's a few tips  to remember that may get you closer to your goal.

"I am not a fucking psychic"

How do you expect to book a session if you don't know what you're interested in? Would you walk into a restaurant and say "Just give me food" without at least going over the menu? Of course not, yet when contacting a Domina you have:

A) Never played with before
B) Who's website you didn't read
C)Doesn't know you from Adam, let alone have a clue what turns your kinky little screws.

Granted, many Domina's cater to a wide variety of fetishes,but the first thing you should do before you get that phone or keyboard in your hot little hands is ask yourself a few questions first. Do you like pain? Do feet turn you on? Do you like being tied up and told to oink like a pig? At least have the cognitive ability to answer the question she asks. You naughty little newbies need to start somewhere, but please note there is a difference between being inexperienced and blatant fucking stupidity. Which bring me to my next point.

"Read Her Website!!!!"

No matter how many ladies ask you to read their site before contacting them some of you don't.
You don't know how many times I get calls from some very  seemingly articulate individuals who ask me for services I implicitly state I do not offer only to find out that only thing they did when they visited my site or ads only looked at pictures.

The pictures are there for you to view however, so are those little symbols called letters that when strung together creates words and sentences that carry vital information about the lady you are curious about.

There is nothing worse for me than opening an email with a two page description of some shit that makes want to vomit my kidneys.

No one is saying you are wrong for liking what you like,after all it is a matter of personal taste but, please keep in mind every latex-clad maiden is not into the same things.

That is why you usually find a list of fetishes that are catered to and a list of those that are not.  Wonder why she is not available? Some of us have school, jobs and other commitments that require our time so availability is determined by how much notice is given. Some require notice some don't.

You should at least have read enough of the text provided so you know how to proceed. We try to make booking with us as easy as possible for you and when you contact us without even an inkling of what services we provide; it makes a very bad first impression


 "Self explanatory"

 Sometimes I leave phone numbers in my ads. It greatly increases my chance being booked. The downside is even with all the years voice mail has been around and all the privacy measures that have been put into place for this technology, some of you still fail to leave a message.

Do you really need to call five more friggin' times and do the same dumb shit? *sigh*

 We don't ask you reveal ever tiny detail about your self via telephone but a name, number and time to call could do wonders for you getting the chance to meet with the Goddess of your choosing.

As I stated before, some of us have school, jobs, and other commitments that prevent us from always being able to answer right away so a bit of understanding on your part might just up you on our list of priorities.

 Now that you've made contact, have a phone number and know how to use it. My last piece of advice is *drum roll*

wanker photo wanker.gif />
"Don't be a Wanker."